WATT Step 8 – Ask a better question

5 thoughts on “WATT Step 8 – Ask a better question

  1. A tactic I use often for myself and clients. I have written about is several times too. To improve your life ask yourself better quality questions. The same for your state of mind, your career, your health, your wealth. Thank you Shann for sharing what to me is a fundamental and easy way to improve one’s life conditions. Here’s a blog I wrote last week on this same topic with some uplifting questions for you to answer. I ask myself these when I need a lift too. http://cynthiacurry.uk/give-good-reason-good-questions-ask-change-perspective/

  2. Beautifully put Shann! Thank you once again for your time, effort and the wisdom you put into these video nuggets of joy! I used to do the brain flip with my fertility girls-like you say the brain is a computer and it will factually answer any question you give it. My clients were constantly saying things like “why can’t I get pregnant?” I could almost see their minds scanning the memory bank files for answers…. “yes, why can’t you? Probably because you don’t eat right and you’re overweight and you smoked that joint in college…… ” all of which made my women feel worse about themselves and their situation. I got them asking better questions: “What are good ways for me to help myself get pregnant?” The brain scan then always yielded more positive “search results!” IE “Well I know I should cut out caffeine and didn’t I read something about Gogi berries? And there was that TV programme that talked about reflexology” SO much more positive! SO much more empowering! 😀

      1. I really am enjoying them. You’ve done a very kind and generous thing here, setting up this group.It is benefiting so many people. Thankyou x

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