WATT Step 6 – How to make the right decision, every time!

4 thoughts on “WATT Step 6 – How to make the right decision, every time!

  1. I love this. I always ask myself, ‘What’s the next right thing to do?’ and ‘How does that make me feel?’ The next right thing always makes me feel like I’m moving forward and it means I focus on just that one thing so it stops overwhelm.

    1. Glad you like it Cynthia – that’s a great way to think about it! Tapping into that body sensation of how it makes you feel is the most powerful way to get out of your brain and into the deep wisdom of your intuition – x

  2. I love this too. I do a similar technique with my 121 clients when they can’t work out whether to do this or that, stay with the partner or leave, change.career or pursue a promotion. I get them to close their eyes and really visualize and imagine that they’ve actually done the 1st Scenario, they’re there experiencing it right now & then do the same for the other option. While their eyes are closed I pay close attention to their body language and all the subtle signals and fidgets and facial expressions they’re giving off (the body never lies!) and then I ask them “How did option one make you feel? What about option 2?” When you quiet the brain for a sec and just listen to the natural wisdom of your body, you always make the right decision for you! Always!

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