WATT Step 4 – The secret power of your kitchen timer

4 thoughts on “WATT Step 4 – The secret power of your kitchen timer

    1. Hi Sarah – so glad you’re enjoying! Really glad to have you here with us, right at the beginning. Exciting time, isn’t it? I’m amazed to watch as it unfolds – wondering where it’s all going to go!xxx

  1. Oh Shann!! I needed this, I really did. Hearing you loud and clear. It’s the thought of having to finish the whole book which has been totally overwhelming me and making me say things like “well when I’m settled in the new house I’ll pick it up again” or “I really need to wait until Eddie is better before I do some more writing” but do you know what? I can do 60 minutes. That I can do! Thank you x

    1. It’s the way forward Toni – no matter how bad the task, you CAN DO 60 MINUTES! I’ve written 5 books that way – one hour at a time!xxx

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