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    I found a really good description of the heroine’s journey here https://heroinejourneys.com/heroines-journey/
    And this really does define my life’s path so well. I thought I’d share my journey, divided into the stages charted by Maureen Murdock.

    Stage 1. Separates from the feminine. At a young age I made a vow never to marry or have kids. I was reacting to my family situation and couldn’t know that marriage and children could be a good experience.

    Stage 2. Identification with masculine. I shut off the softer side of me and went to work emulating all the men I worked with, starting early, staying late, making work all that mattered.

    Stage 3 Road, Trials & Meeting Dragons. The corporate world is a pit of hell sometimes and I waded right in, facing sexism, harassment, bullying and also finding great friends, worthwhile work, exciting creative ventures and travel.

    Stage 4. Success. Career and material success for sure.

    Stage 5. Awakens to feelings of spiritual aridity. I felt empty inside, I kept buying stuff I didn’t need, my wardrobes fit to bursting, books I didn’t have time to read, food I didn’t eat. I knew something was wrong, missing and had no idea what.

    Stage 6. Descent to Goddess, Crisis. I left the corporate world and tried several businesses which failed, went back to working a job and each one got worse and worse until I had complete breakdown.

    stage 7. Yearns to Reconnect with feminine. I searched for answers to fill the whole inside of me everywhere.

    Stage 8. Heals the split from feminine. I’ve softened, forgiven, and opened up my heart and home, I take in emergency homeless teenagers, I am kind to them and I am especially kind to myself. I learned that to be vulnerable is where true strength is and wearing a mask will eventually tear you apart. Better to stay open, vulnerable and true to oneself than be ripped open by others.

    stage 9. Makes peace with masculine. I know there’s a place for hard work, ambition and selfish gains and allow them into my life now.

    Stage 1. Integrates the masculine and feminine. I create a new space for myself with work that’s both meaningful and well rewarded, that allows me to be soft and open and also ambitious about what I can achieve.

    It really helped me to put my life into this archetype journey and see that what I’m striving for is universal, a need in us all to reject, re-assess and finally accept all of ourselves.

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