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    So here’s a question for you. How do you refill the well? If you imagine yourself as a well, everyone is always crowding around, dipping in. Friends, family, children, customers, clients, pets. I know you, you see – you’re the one who is always running around taking care of everyone else. But who takes care of YOU? What would happen, if you turned the same degree of loving-care on yourself, that you routinely extend to those around you? Concentrating on refilling the well is one of the BEST things you can do for all those people in your life who rely on you. Because if you don’t refill the well – the time will come, one fine day, when they come to you and you’ve got nothing left to offer. You don’t have to know the answer, straight away, but you do need to ask the question – how can I refill the well? What are the things that I love to do, just for myself, that give me peace and solace? How do I renew, refresh and re-invigorate my passion and creativity? Hugs, Shann



    Quiet time with a coffee and a book, or a stroll outside somewhere beautiful



    My dogs, laughing and playing and walking them daily. I’m so lucky to have these wonderful loving creatures in my life. And meditation, a fairly new regular, daily practice for me but wow, it makes me feel good, reducing my stress and leveling me out. Spending time in nature is always good and sometimes I hit the sugar. I know its an artificial blast of feel good substance, but sometimes its all I can do.



    Looking after yourself is so important, yet it’s the one thing on my list that drops to the bottom ( and off altogether) sometimes. Since moving to Ceredigion just under 2 years ago, I have time than ever to spend on “me”, but at times I find it harder to make the effort – maybe down to feeling isolated sometimes?

    Anyway, I was introduced to “soft play” by a friend of mine ( a coach) and aside from walking the dogs daily, which I love, I also try to do something just for me, once a week. So far that’s included, sitting on the seafront and people watching in Aberystwyth, collecting pebbles and seashells on the beaches and simply going for a swim. I’m planning on a spa day – could even turn it into a spa network event? and I definitely want to go on the dolphin watch trip from New Quay – I’ve been waiting for someone to go with, but hey ho I’m going to go on my own and re -fill my well!



    Yes JulieG, a spa retreat/network event would be wonderful. There’s some fab ones in Donegal which is not far away from me, and the scenery is breathtaking



    Taking the dog for a walk. Spending time in the garden weather permitting and cooking and baking. Not had much chance recently but hopefully make a bit more time for it now. JulieG-there are also the one hour and two hour boat trips in New Quay and you often find the dolphins out and about because they know the boats and come along side quite close up sometimes.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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