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    What are your top marketing tips? Share them here! ; )



    Quick introduction ladies – My name is Diana Isherwood Stone and although I’ve recently retired I used to be a magazine Publisher producing some 68 magazines over a 9 year period. These were glossy local A5 magazines promoted to some Surrey towns promoting small and medium businesses to the residents. So, a circulation of about 10,000 for each issue. I also helped lots of those small businesses to market their services and products and wrote articles for the magazine. With other hats on I was an event organiser for a European association putting events on in London and I also launched a candidate for the European Woman of the Year prize at Grosvenor House in 2004. I have lived and worked overseas for many years in Luxembourg, Brussels and Dubai, UAE. I have 4 grown up children and a very needy but gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Harry and live in Chichester. All in all, I’ve picked up a great deal of knowledge of how to market all sorts of people and companies of different sizes, so I thought if I could help any of you to climb on the ladder of success I’d love to try and Shann has kindly offered me space here.
    I’ve decided to give you marketing in bite-sized pieces – it’s just so much easier and too much information is always so off-putting. So I’m starting with Lesson 1 for today and will take it from there. If any of you prefer a longer chat then please email me and I can arrange a call (
    Lessons for Marketing – Part 1 Starting out Slowly
    Ok ladies let’s make a start. I’m assuming most of you are reasonably IT savvy and have either a website in production or are heading that way but the first thing to say really about marketing your business is to keep it simple! You clearly have a passion about the business you are starting, or already engaged in, and it’s that passion that can take you a long way. So sit down with that piece of paper at your “kitchen table” (as Shann suggests) and think about just jotting down what you:
    – Love about your product or service and
    – If you have several, which are the most important to you?
    – Which are the best selling?
    – What is your objective for the coming year?
    – What about in 3 year’s time?
    Again, Keep it Simple and don’t be too fixated on being serious – light-hearted is the best way to go but if you can answer these questions you can make a start on the right road. Then also:
    – Who are your customers
    – Where are they located?
    – How do you plan to reach them – by what means? (I have a plan for you!).

    I told you it would be a short lesson but there’s an awful lot to think about in those questions and you need to have the answers before I go into some more detail.

    The next lessons will be about the Face of your Business and Accreditations so I’ll be coming back to you very shortly on those and lots more.

    Di Isherwood Stone




    Thank you Diane for this. sometimes its good to take a step back to remember why we’re in business and who we’re doing it for. So appreciate you sharing your time and expertise

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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