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    Marketing Tips -Face of your Business

    Hi – hope you’re having a great day! So many factors affect the face of your business and how we are feeling from day to day has a definite impact on how we are perceived by our customers. On a great day we are buzzy and bright and keen to get on and you can hear this in someone’s voice when they’re on the ‘phone. Having a dodgy morning after an awful night’s sleep with a grumpy fretful child to cope with and an equally grumpy husband leaving for work and you are going to sound pretty flat and down-trodden. That’s just human nature after all and we all are pretty much at the mercy of our emotions.
    However, in the real business world we are divorced from our daily woes and are, after all, putting on our very best “faces” to the outside world and if we want to market ourselves and promote our products it is important to consider how we want to be seen by our potential customers. Is our style laid back and overly relaxed, pushy and overly talkative or focussed on just ourselves and our business? Are we professional and knowledgeable about our products and the markets in which they stand? You decide, as they say, but actually seriously now, you do. It’s your first big decision about how you want to run your business.

    Having decided what your Style is going to be, you can then get the wheels turning and get yourself out there. The first thing to think about is your brand identity, but here I’m assuming that most of you will have already gone down that road and are armed with not only your identity but your logo etc. If not, then now is the time to build up your most important asset, – that is your (preferably) local graphic designer! They can be your most valuable partner in running your business and they will be able to help you promote yourself and your products in a professional way. How do I know this, – well I had run my magazines for probably two years before I decided to upgrade the way they looked and was doing absolutely all the graphic design myself and learning along the way. Once I’d realised that I’d be adding huge value by getting a professional designer it helped me to up my game. I chose the images and wrote the pieces, but he was the individual who could make my clients’ businesses look wonderful and help them advertise their businesses.

    Next most important point is to “invest” in your business. We all know how difficult it is at the beginning of any business to find those extra funds, but it’s really important that you realise that you need to write down what your advertising and promotion budget for your first year will be. Without this, you will cut yourself off completely from all sorts of markets and customers that want to buy your products or your services and next time I’ll be explaining exactly how to do this as one of your most important marketing tips. If you’d like to respond to anything here or have queries about marketing that can’t wait just email me on: and I’ll try to help.


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