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    It’s happened to all of us! Tell about a time when your confidence has been shaken, and what you did to recover your sense of direction afterwards – xxx



    My little sister worked in my business for years . My confidence was knocked when I found out via the Internet that she was exhibiting at a big trade show in competition along with my parents. She used years of insider knowledge to her advantage. I knew she was doing her own cards which I had no problem with but her level of deceit surprised me.
    Every day I look at my cards and I remember. I even ordered her cards to sell in my shop at the time. She charged me carriage.
    What I have done to get over it:
    1. Brought out new designs;
    2. Forced myself to keep going;
    3. Cried;
    4. Joined WATT;
    5. Been more careful re trusting people;
    6. Cut contact with my sister for my own sanity;



    My confidence was never good, as a child my father didn’t like me and always told me I wasn’t good enough, no matter what I did or how hard I worked. Eventually after years, even as an adult of trying to win his praise and being continually knocked I cut him out of my life. I remember when I worked my up to Global Supply Chain Manager for packaging in the UK’s biggest garment manufacturer, and every day I sat at my desk expecting a hand on my shoulder to tell me I was a fraud and I should leave the building immediately. For the first time, I acknowledged how I felt, went to my boss who was gobsmacked as I always had this outward appearance of confidence and he offered to mentor me. I then went on to get more promotions in that company becoming the Commercial Manager for Victoria’s Secret and creating several multi million dollar sub brands. But I was always dealing with that sense that I wasn’t enough until I met my teacher Marisa Peer, and in her quest for self esteem and she gets all her clients to do this too, she writes ‘I am enough’ in lipstick on her bedroom and bathroom mirrors. I did too, I say it out loud as often as I remember too and that phrase has turned my life around. SElF love is the key to everything.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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