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    I have to do social media posts for work and also for my own (nearly) business. Over the past few years I’ve found one platform (Instagram) is my favourite and I do this one well, engaging with lots of people and making good connections (ie contacts, promoting events). I also use Facebook, and happily this links well with Instagram, but I’m not great at replying to anything quickly and I don’t use it as well as I could do. When I do make time to focus on Facebook then I get better results. My Twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts haven’t had an update in, ummmm, months probably. If someone does go to these social media sites to look at my profiles they will be pretty dated and not a good reflection of my business, and so they should be culled. Which is what I’ll do now… Unless you’re a marketing whizz-kid my advice is to do one social media site well, you’ll engage with lots of people on any of them, chose the one which suits you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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