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    Hello WATT’ERS !

    I’m hoping I can draw on your experiences or if you can give me some advice and encouragement on how you first started your business.

    I’m a frustrated long standing “wannabe self employed” type of individual that has loads of ideas but never had the courage or wherewithal¬† to take the plunge.¬† The closes two people I speak to are very cautious by nature and are not risk takers and when I talk about my aspirations I loose my enthusiasm and my head ends up overruling my heart !

    Currently in a demanding job working with children and families and I earn more than my husband so loosing my income will be difficult! this scares me !

    I have lost my “mojo” with my career and feel that I need to look for something that inspires me so I can find my enthusiasm and drive again. I need to get my “mojo” back !

    Learning and self development are very important to me and my nature is to help others, throughout my working life I have always worked for charities or the public service sector.

    To give you an idea of how befuddled I am my self employment ideas have varied from all of the following …

    1 Refelexologist – I’m qualified but only practice on friends and family. My job leaves me too exhausted !

    2 Parenting worker – Trained parenting coach have considered doing this independently, I loose the courage worried that I’m not good enough!

    3 Dog Walker/sitter/day care – I love dogs but don’t think I could earn enough doing this !

    4 Recycling furniture – Shabby Chi – everyone’s is doing it, going out of fashion!?

    5 Therapeutic gardening scheme for people with mental health issues, children and adults with additional needs – overwhelming but this would be my dream !

    6 Hampers for individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, menopause, etc all natural and biodegradable products.

    7 No waste food shop – finances !!!

    So this is my ramble and whats been going around in my head for ages. If you lovely ladies have any inspiration or stories you can share with me on how you started I would appreciate that.¬† I’m at the point where I would love to pack my job in and have a fresh start but I don’t have the courage and keep thinking this is only a phase, but this one has lasted for far too long!




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